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Learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Helpful Links:

Before you get vaccinated:

Benefits of getting a Covid-19 Vaccine

Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Key things to know about COVID-19 Vaccine

After you have been vaccinated:

Stay up to date with your vaccines

V-safe after vaccine health checker

Lost your vaccine card? Request records here.

Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record

For Businesses:

Employer Guidance from the National Safety Council


  • COVID-19 Vaccines are FREE to all. You do not have to have insurance or prove citizenship.
  • Take your time inputing your e-mail when you sign up for an appointment, it is the most critical piece of information you are typing in. Your e-mail is how you will get your appointment confirmation and possibly how you will schedule your second dose. All information should be done carefully, but if you misspelled you name for example, you could correct that when you go to the pharmacy. If you put in your e-mail wrong you might never get the confirmation to go to the pharmacy.
  • Check your junk mail if you can’t find the e-mail you are looking for in your regular e-mail folder, a lot of pharmacy and grocery store e-mail confirmations get sent automatically to your junk folders.
  • Wear accessible clothing to your appointment. The shot is going in your upper arm.
  • Don’t depend on just one source for information. VAXIE checks the local news sources, twitter for reputable county health officials, county website, word of mouth (we verify before posting) and neighboring county sites to see what resources they are sharing with their citizens. Together we compile the resources and leads that we have.

For Vaccine Appointment Resources and links please click here.

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